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Down Under Visa – Visa grant statistics – 1/12/2014 to 28/02/2015


As I said in a previous post (HERE), I intend giving updated average times for the processing of Australian Partner Visa applications and Australian Tourist Visa applications lodged by Down Under Visa in Manila every three months.


Australian Visa Processing Time Manila

Australian Visa Processing times

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Tuberculosis and its effect on Australian visas from Philippines

Tuberculosis. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. TB. A nasty and debilitating bacterial infection which used to be the second largest cause of death in Australia before it was brought under control. It attacks the lungs, and can progress to other parts of the body. Untreated it is fatal. Australia now has one of the worlds lowest incidences of TB cases in the world, due to strict controls.

The Philippines by contrast has one of the highest incidences of TB infection in the population. This is why chest x-rays are required for tourist visas of 6 months or longer, and for all partner visa applications. Therefore this is an important issue for Down Under Visa clients. Having thousands of undiagnosed TB cases every year arriving in Australia would lead to a lot of suffering in the Australian community, and this is why they are so strict about this. Continue reading

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Filipina lady on a tourist visa. Problems at the airport?

Your Filipina lady (ie. your girlfriend, fiancée or wife) will be traveling to Australia on an Australia tourist visa (aka Australian Visitor Visa). Will she have any problems at the Philippines airport on departure?


The issue of human trafficking comes up in the Philippines. Unscrupulous low-lifes will prey on the vulnerable with promises of great jobs overseas doing modelling, singing, etc. Instead they end up stuck in countries where they don’t speak the language and locked up in brothels. To deal with this situation, the Bureau of Immigration here has brought in the following Guidelines: Continue reading


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Can I get a 1 year tourist visa for my Filipina lady?

You want a tourist visa for your Filipina girl to Australia? If you look on the Department of Immigration website, you will see that tourist visas are “available for 3, 6 or 12 months”.

Looks easy! You love each other, right? 12 months sounds like the go. “I’ll have a 12 month tourist visa, please!”, and wrap it up too! Continue reading


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Tourist visas to Australia. Why so hard?

We at Down Under Visa hear from clients and prospective clients every week telling us their tourist visa application lodged in Manila was refused. They either put the application together themselves, or used a local travel agent with no qualifications. Visa refusal is usually shattering to the Filipina applicant and her Australian sponsor, and no one ever expects it. They are usually upset….often confused why it happened….and sometimes angry and take it as a personal affront.


Why do Australian tourist visas get refused? Continue reading

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