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The BLOG is moving



Greetings all!

Assume you’re probably all aware of the updated site? Yes, moved into a shiny new skin yesterday.

We’re also doing something else. The BLOG site is moving too! Moving into it’s own page on the new Down Under Visa site.

What do you need to do? Absolutely nothing! Just be aware of where the next posts will go once the redirect is set up.

It will be at in the next few days.



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Upgraded Down Under Visa website

Hello to all old, current and future Down Under Visa clients.

We would like to announce the unveiling of our new and mobile-friendly website. That means it will adjust to mobile devices like phones and tablets and you will no longer need a magnifying glass!





We invite you to visit the new site, and please share the URL on Facebook with others!

Please go to

Much appreciated.


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Jeff and Mila Harvie – Some background


Jeff and Mila Harvie. There must be a few of you wondering who these people are. Where did they come from, and why are they worth listening to and entrusting your future happiness to?



Mila and Jeff in the Down Under Visa office


I (Jeff) grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney many years ago. This was back when Sydney seemed safe, and where a kid could catch a train after midnight and nothing would go wrong. I won’t bore you with the details of childhood or adolescence. Not sure I want to think about it myself, for that matter. But I ended up in Central QLD for a lot of years, brought two sons into the world (one of whom is our office manager Continue reading


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Jeremy and Mila away 26 and 27 Feb (Thursday and Friday)

Jeremy and Mila will both be away from the office Thursday and Friday this week.

I need to ask for the patience of all of you, our clients. Jeremy as you would know provides support to you all on practical aspects of visa applications. Appreciate very much if you can hold off those questions and requests that you would normally direct at him for a few days.

I (Jeff) will be here, but I can’t do the work of two. Thanks in  advance for the understanding.


Jeff Harvie

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Best Migration Agent in the Philippines – Video (featuring 3 of Jeff’s little girls)


Best Migration Agent in the Philippines – Video (featuring 3 of Jeff’s little girls).

Please click HERE Continue reading

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