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Jeff and Mila Harvie – Some background


Jeff and Mila Harvie. There must be a few of you wondering who these people are. Where did they come from, and why are they worth listening to and entrusting your future happiness to?



Mila and Jeff in the Down Under Visa office


I (Jeff) grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney many years ago. This was back when Sydney seemed safe, and where a kid could catch a train after midnight and nothing would go wrong. I won’t bore you with the details of childhood or adolescence. Not sure I want to think about it myself, for that matter. But I ended up in Central QLD for a lot of years, brought two sons into the world (one of whom is our office manager Continue reading


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Happy 2015 from Down Under Visa

Belated Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at Down Under Visa.




I had someone the other day thinking we’d cut them off the Down Under Visa BLOG mailing list, because they hadn’t received anything since the 6th of January. No one’s been cut off. We’ve just been extremely busy since we came back, and the needs of clients always come first before anything else. Continue reading


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Why don’t we do work or student visas?

Down Under Visa are Registered Migration Agents in Manila Philippines, and we specialise in partner visas to Australia, ie. prospective marriage visas (aka fiancée visas, PMV’s) and partner visas (aka spouse visas, spousal visas, de facto visas) and tourist visas for couples, and we mostly do these from Philippines, ie. partner visas for Australian Filipina couples.




We don’t do work visas, student visas, significant investor visas, refugee visas, 457’s, skilled visas or any of the umpteen other visas available. Continue reading

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Divorce in the Philippines – Part 4

As we said at the beginning of this series of articles on ending marriage in the Philippines, the usual way most people go about it is to either obtain a Declaration of Absolute Nullity (because the marriage was void from the beginning and thus never happened in the eyes of the law) or they obtain an Annulment of Marriage. So, what are the grounds on which either outcome can be achieved?

divorcecartoon Continue reading


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Mistakes in your visa application documents? The wrong way!

At Down Under Visa we take mistakes in documents very seriously. We have to! Our job is to manage your Australian visa application, and to see you get a visa grant and be on your way to Australia. Mistakes in documents can lead to serious delays, or worse! If the Case Officer in the Australian Embassy in Manila considers you have made false statements or submitted bogus documents (fake documents) then your visa application may be refused! You may also face a 3 year ban, or even a 10 year ban if they cannot establish your identity.



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