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Health Clearances – medicals and xrays for Australian Visas

All Australian visas require that the applications pass what are known as Public Interest Criteria, which are written into Australian Migration Law.



Each visa has different criteria, but all are there to protect the Australian Public from two major issues: Continue reading


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Divorce In The Philippines – Part 3

A lot of people get divorced in the Philippines. Well, not quite. Let me clarify that statement. A lot of Filipinos get divorced, but not all of them do it in the Philippines. Many, like the rich and famous, ‘artistas’ or celebrities as we’d call them, fly to Guam and get divorced there. Those who end their marriage legally within the Philippines do it through their contacts in the Church and courts. It costs them a lot of money and or favours, but they get what they want.


divorcecartoon Continue reading

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Tuberculosis and its effect on Australian visas from Philippines

Tuberculosis. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. TB. A nasty and debilitating bacterial infection which used to be the second largest cause of death in Australia before it was brought under control. It attacks the lungs, and can progress to other parts of the body. Untreated it is fatal. Australia now has one of the worlds lowest incidences of TB cases in the world, due to strict controls.

The Philippines by contrast has one of the highest incidences of TB infection in the population. This is why chest x-rays are required for tourist visas of 6 months or longer, and for all partner visa applications. Therefore this is an important issue for Down Under Visa clients. Having thousands of undiagnosed TB cases every year arriving in Australia would lead to a lot of suffering in the Australian community, and this is why they are so strict about this. Continue reading

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Making rash decisions when choosing a Filipina wife!

Wise men say “only fools rush in”!

Thus spake that wise philosopher Elvis Presley (*cough*)


Actually, I will happily confess that when I proposed marriage to my wonderful Filipina wife Mila, I spoke Mr Presley’s words to her. And note that this was over the phone, and at this stage we hadn’t even met in person. Careless of me? In this case, no definitely not. We met via writing letters, and I knew after about the second letter that she was the right one for me. And everything that happened after that only confirmed that. Continue reading


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Offshore Visas? Onshore Visas?

Australian Migration Law is complicated. There are a huge number of visa types, all with their own rules. Fortunately we at Down Under Visa stick to Partner Visas (fiancee visas and spouse visas), Tourist Visas and Family Visas. And we know them inside and out.

Partner Visas are broken up into ONSHORE and OFFSHORE visas.


OFFSHORE means you must be offshore (ie. OUTSIDE Australia) to apply for them. And you must also be offshore (outside of Australia) for the visa to be granted.

So….. Continue reading

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