Visa Grant Averages – September-November 2014

As I stated in an earlier BLOG post, I’ll be putting up regular posts on how long visas are taking to be granted for Down Under Visa clients. Just note please that:

(a) This does not include visas not granted yet. This is only visas that have been granted.

(b) Partner visa averages are based on the last 3 months

(c) Tourist visa averages are based on the last 1 month

(d) There are a few extremes, and for this reason I’ve put an ACTUAL average, as well as a more realistic average for each.




Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

Average                               6.75 months

Shortest                              3.5 months

Longest                               10 months

Realistic Average            10 months


Subclass 309 Partner Visa

Average                               14.75 months

Shortest                              9 months

Longest                               17.5 months

Realistic Average             10.37 months


Subclass 820 (for Subclass 300 holders already in Australia)

Average                               10 days

Shortest                               1 day

Longest                                35 days

Realistic Average              3 days


Subclass 600 Tourist Visa

Average                               21.2 days

Shortest                              8 days

Longest                                75 days

Realistic Average             19 days


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3 responses to “Visa Grant Averages – September-November 2014

  1. david

    Bravo!!!!!!!! Information Jeff well done…

  2. Tony

    yay, there’s nothing like vision, thanks Downunder

  3. allan barnes

    Very refreshing, someone whom is actually very positive about providing information.

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