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Visa application processing at Christmas time

Dear clients,

A continuation on yesterday’s Down Under Visa BLOG post……..

This applies particularly to applications for Australian tourist visas. Everyone wants a tourist visa at this time of year. What better Christmas present could you possibly get than your loved one being there with you? And we most certainly DO understand this, which is why we’ve been very honest with you about the situation.  Continue reading

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Visiting your girl in the Philippines this Christmas?

This is the time of year that many choose to take some time off work and to go and visit the Filipina lady whom they’ve been emailing and chatting to. We know this because every year in January Down Under Visa get plenty of enquiries from Australian men who say things like “I’ve just come back from spending _ weeks with _____ in Philippines, and now I miss her so much and I want to know how I can bring her to Australia”Continue reading

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Coming to see Down Under Visa. What NOT to do.

There seems to be a new scam amongst some Manila taxi drivers, and Down Under Visa would like our clients and prospective clients to be aware of it.

We had a prospective client yesterday arrive in Manila from one of the other islands. She gets in the taxi and shows the driver our office address in Alabang (Muntinlupa). And off they go. All sounded fine.

The problem was that the driver took them somewhere else! Continue reading

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Australian Tourist Visa fee rise 1 September 2013

We had been told about Australian visa application charges going up on 1 September 2013, and Down Under Visa warned everybody about this as soon as it was announced.

And we had been told that all would be going up EXCEPT tourist visas.

Well, guess what? It seems that tourist visa fees also went up 1 September 2013.


Fortunately they haven’t gone through the ceiling, as they were not among the more costly of visas to start with. However we will have to pass this on. Anybody who has already paid, we will wear the increase as we’ve done so with the last couple of increases. However any new clients from now on it will be a different matter.

Hopefully DIAC will be kind over the next year. Fingers crossed!



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No substitute for knowledge and experience

The world is full of opportunists, and few places more so than the Philippines. Wave Australian Dollars around, and everybody you meet suddenly acquires a new skill. Watch out for bargains from enthusiastic “experts”, or it will come back and bite you…..hard!

I had a client come to me yesterday. We had done an application for an Australian tourist visa for his lady last year before he had organised his divorce. This is a common scenario, and we were happy to help. The time had come for them to see us about an application for a prospective marriage visa, and they came back to us because they were happy with how we’d taken care of them last time.

He (the Australian sponsor) mentioned that he shopped around, but still come back to us. I have no problem with this, as I’m confident that we not only offer a fair price for Australian visa application management but that we have the knowledge and experience which shows in the content of our website and in the attention we pay to prompt and thorough communication with our clients. Look at our Happy Couples and you’ll see that as a consistent theme. Continue reading

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