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Tourist visas to Australia. Why so hard?

We at Down Under Visa hear from clients and prospective clients every week telling us their tourist visa application lodged in Manila was refused. They either put the application together themselves, or used a local travel agent with no qualifications. Visa refusal is usually shattering to the Filipina applicant and her Australian sponsor, and no one ever expects it. They are usually upset….often confused why it happened….and sometimes angry and take it as a personal affront.


Why do Australian tourist visas get refused? Continue reading

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Australian visa refused? What should you do?

What should you do if you have a refusal for an Australian Partner Visa or Australian Tourist Visa?


Refusals happen! They happen regularly!

Australian Migration Law is based on Commonwealth legislation. Each visa class and visa subclass is written into the Migration Regulations (Cth) 1994. The criteria they use to decide whether to grant or refuse is written into those Regulations, and this is what they use to decide whether to grant a visa application or not. If the application shows that the applicant (and sponsor, when it’s a partner visa) meets those Regulations, then the visa is granted. If it does not? By Law they must refuse it!  Continue reading


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