Down Under Visa – Visa grant statistics – 1/12/2014 to 28/02/2015


As I said in a previous post (HERE), I intend giving updated average times for the processing of Australian Partner Visa applications and Australian Tourist Visa applications lodged by Down Under Visa in Manila every three months.


Australian Visa Processing Time Manila

Australian Visa Processing times


Please remember that these are AVERAGES. They are not guaranteed minimum standards. If your own application takes longer than the average, please do not assume that something has gone terribly terribly wrong! (Actually, we seem to be getting less and less emails like that, thank you all!)

You will see from below that there are some real extremes in processing times. We had TWO Subclass 300 applications which took only 2.5 months. Yet we had plenty which also took 11 to 12 months!

And please do not email me and ask why yours didn’t take 2.5 months, or ask me to explain why I could get a 5 month Subclass 309 application followed a few days later by one that took 11 months. It’s just the way it is. I can’t control it and I can’t explain it. 9 months is a realistic average for partner visas. We’ve had no partner visa refusals to report on, and that matters far more, I would think.

The average processing time for partner visas is slightly less than it was last time, and we’ve had some genuinely quick results. It’s all down to man-hours. As you can all see yes it IS possible for a visa to be granted very quickly. It means that most of the time the applications are sitting in the large and dusty pile with no one looking at them. At least for those of you who are waiting, yes you know that the applications are in the right place and every day brings you one day closer.


Subclass 600 Tourist Visas

Average now:                    2 weeks


Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visas

Average:                              8 months

Quickest:                             2.5 months

Slowest:                               12 months

Realistic average:             8.91 months


Subclass 309 Partner Visas

Average:                              8.8 months

Quickest:                             5 months

Slowest:                               11.5 months


Subclass 820 (for Subclass 300 holders already in Australia)

Average:                              32 days

Quickest:                             2 days

Slowest:                               3.5 months

Realistic average:             11 days




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7 responses to “Down Under Visa – Visa grant statistics – 1/12/2014 to 28/02/2015

  1. Cal Beveridge

    These are interesting times and averages. I think the process times are absolutely outrages.
    As you are aware ours prospective marriage has gone over the 12 months. And I know we are on the home stretch.
    Purely out of interest ,wonder if you could tell us the longest application ,where the circumstances were ,that no extra documents , clarification required.

    • None at all. Never has been. Clients have tried and tried for years to work out patterns, but there are none. Complicated applications can be done quickly, and really simple and straightforward applications can be processed slowly. No rhyme, no reason.

  2. I’m familiar with the price for a partner visa costing close to $6000 it would take me 3 months to save for that. I was wondering do you have an up front fee I could pay to atleast get the ball rolling eg:$2000 and pay the rest before the lodging?

    • We certainly do, Geordie. And it often takes a few months to prepare everything anyway, so that normally works out well. Please fill out an assessment form, and we’ll get back to you with all the details.

  3. James

    I am sure U are all thinking that since Abbot and Hockey (Maybe it should be Abbot & Costello – just a joke) have put the prices up so much that we could get faster turnarounds but not to be because there are no votes in us and as Jeff says realistically “who is going to refuse to pay where our love is an issue” but I know who won’t be getting my vote ever again. James.

    • If Peter Costello had’ve stayed in politics, could well have been that.

      There have never been any votes in fast visa turnarounds. No, this is total revenue-raising, and they didn’t even make a secret of it. Years ago they used to at least have the decency to lie about it. Remember the tax on leaded fuel that they said would be used to clean up the environment?

  4. Please note that these statistics are based on visas GRANTED during this time. It’s still possible to have visas take longer.

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