Tourist Visas from Philippines to Australia? Waste of time?

I’ve already covered whether to choose Prospective Marriage Visa (fiancée visa) or a Tourist Visa in an earlier
BLOG post
, so I won’t go over the same issues again. Although if you haven’t, I strongly suggest that you go and read it. I hate the idea of seeing people get on the wrong pathway, when a better decision will see them finding some happiness.

There are occasions where a man is simply not ready to take the plunge, as he’s really not able to make that commitment yet. I will always ask him to think hard, because I see clients and their Filipina girlfriends/fiancées on a regular basis having to face the miserable prospect of being apart at the end of three glorious months together. I would say that MOST of the time they end up desperate to lodge their partner visa the moment she leaves Australia. At least by this stage they ARE certain.

The previous Subclass 676 Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa) no longer exists, as from late March 2013. It’s been replaced with the Subclass 600 Tourist Visa. Changes? Form 1419 replaces Form 48R. Other changes are fairly minor.

The issues of being a genuine visitor still apply, and the Department DIAC still need to be convinced that the applicant has more reasons to return at the end of the visa period than they do to remain in Australia illegally. Most of the time they refuse a visa application it’s because they are unconvinced about these points. Why wouldn’t they be suspicious? Life in Third World countries is tough, and Aussie Dollars are a powerful incentive.

We won’t support dodgy or vexatious applications. Don’t ask us! As Registered Migration Agents it’s not worth us losing our Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN) by looking the other way. We also take professional pride in a high success rate, and we will refuse your money rather than taking on an application which we think has a high chance of refusal.

However, if you do have a genuine relationship with a girl and can prove this, then we’re happy to take you on as clients. But if we do tell you your case is not strong, please don’t get offended. And understand why we will ask you lots of questions.

Please go to our Other Visa Assessment Form and let’s see if we can help you.

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