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Australian Tourist Visa fee rise 1 September 2013

We had been told about Australian visa application charges going up on 1 September 2013, and Down Under Visa warned everybody about this as soon as it was announced.

And we had been told that all would be going up EXCEPT tourist visas.

Well, guess what? It seems that tourist visa fees also went up 1 September 2013.


Fortunately they haven’t gone through the ceiling, as they were not among the more costly of visas to start with. However we will have to pass this on. Anybody who has already paid, we will wear the increase as we’ve done so with the last couple of increases. However any new clients from now on it will be a different matter.

Hopefully DIAC will be kind over the next year. Fingers crossed!



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Australian Visa Application Charges increase again 1 September 2013

Yes, DIAC have done it again. Revenue-raising at its best! Partner visas in particular are made up of captive audiences who really have no choice.

Please note that there is NOTHING we can do about this. This affects previous quotes, and it affects existing applications which haven’t been lodged yet and which will be lodged after 1 September 2013.


OK, here they are: Continue reading


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Website for Filipina lady visa applicants with Australian sponsors

Most of our enquiries come from Australian men. Most of them have just returned from being with their lady…..often for their first face-to-face meeting….and have returned home to Australia and are missing her like crazy. I remember the feeling. It starts at the airport after you’ve said your tearful farewell, and you sit there in the terminal feeling very alone.

They arrive home and the house feels more empty than it did before, so they get onto the net and start looking for how they’re going to bring that special lady to Australia so they won’t be apart anymore. That’s how they find Down Under Visa, because we are the specialists in getting Australian Partner Visas for Filipina and Filipino applicants. Spouse visas (aka partner visas) for those who are married or intend marrying soon in the Philippines, and prospective marriage visas (fiancee visas) for those who plan on marrying in Australia. Continue reading

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New Government Visa Application Charges – 1 July 2013

New visa application charges (VAC) for Australian Visas will be introduced and will come into effect 1st of July. These charges will affect Australian Partner Visa applicants who have children as secondary applicants, ie. they are including dependent children in the application. (Please note that these figures are not “official” until after 1 July, however they come from DIAC themselves)

There are NO increases in the base Visa Application Charge for either Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visas or Subclass 309 Partner Visas (offshore). This charge remains at AUD$2,680.00 Continue reading

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Condition 8503 – No Further Stay

Condition 8503!

Practically every Subclass 600 Tourist Visa to Australia from Philippines will have this condition on it. If you don’t believe me, look at your visa grant letter. In the days of visa stickers (and when the visa was called a Subclass 676 Tourist Visa), it would be displayed on the sticker itself. Nowadays with visa grant letters, you will see:

8101 – NO WORK

The last item is what we’re talking about. 8503 – NO FURTHER STAY

What this means is that the applicant cannot apply for another visa while she’s in Australia. If she wants another visa, she must leave the country first. Continue reading

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