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Down Under Visa Testimonial Video – Rowena and David

David and Rowena very kindly shared their good news with us here in Manila while waiting to finalise the CFO seminar. As well as a 6 week old baby, they also have a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa, expertly managed by Down Under Visa of course.

They would like to recommend that others in the same situation also use Down Under Visa as their Registered Migration Agent for their Australian Partner Visa application.

Please watch. Please enjoy. And please share!



Rowena, David and little friend



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Be responsible with your Australian Visa Application

I just want to share some thoughts with you. We at Down Under Visa DO care about the outcome of each and every application that we manage. We KNOW that there are real people there, and we know all too well what the anxious pit-of-stomach fear and worry feel like, because we’ve been through it all ourselves. I get particularly annoyed when I see clients simply not helping themselves.

To the men:

There is a common side-effect of having a lovely young lady in your bed with you, and it happens all the time. Being in love and having babies seems to go together. You would think that most people would look at the world around them and this reality would be all too obvious to them. And don’t get me wrong! I love kids. But there’s a time and a place! Continue reading

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How do we deal with Down Under Visa?

We often meet with confusion about how to deal with us as migration agents, because most people have never done this before. It’s a step into the unknown, and there are often a lot of assumptions. Fortunately for us it’s NOTHING new. We submit literally hundreds of Australian visa applications every year, and 99%+ of these are applications with Filipino visa applications and Australian sponsors. This is what we do!

Do you need to go to our office? You can if you want. (Note that we see people BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.) However I would say 95% of our Australian visa applicants, we never meet in person. This is the electronic age! Emails are lightning-fast, and give you written records of questions-asked and advice-given. And documents can be couriered. You won’t turn up at our office with all your visa requirements anyway. Nobody ever does. We need to assess you further before we give you a customised and comprehensive list of visa requirements (documents and evidence of a genuine relationship), and it takes time to gather all of these things. We don’t do rush-jobs, because we do actually care about the outcome of your visa application, and we want your Filipina wife or fiancée to go to Australia to be with you.  Continue reading


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