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Hello to all old, current and future Down Under Visa clients.

We would like to announce the unveiling of our new and mobile-friendly website. That means it will adjust to mobile devices like phones and tablets and you will no longer need a magnifying glass!





We invite you to visit the new site, and please share the URL on Facebook with others!

Please go to www.downundervisa.com.au

Much appreciated.


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Setting precedents in an Australian/Filipina relationship

This is not meant as “dating advice”. This is advice for those Australian men who are engaged or married to a lady from the Philippines, and are probably still in that floating-on-air stage where everything is new, exciting and apparently could be no better.

It’s about setting precedents for the future about things that could cause you relationship problems in the future.

What are the main things that Aussie/Filipina couples fight about?

Money and family!





Money is an issue you want to clear up first and foremost, because there is an illusion that all Aussies are rich! And if a man isn’t clear about setting limits right from the start, he can set a dangerous precedent which he may well later regret.

A man comes to visit his lady. Mentally he’s in holiday-mode. He’s also trying to impress his lady and her family, and he’s generally in a great mood. That’s very different to the everyday situation of life back in Australia for most people. And the cost of living in Australia is considerably higher. Have a look HERE for a comparison.

You MUST make the true situation clear to her and to her family, so that they are under no illusions! Tossing money around freely can give the impression that this is how it will be from now on!





There is also a different attitude toward duty to family members in the Philippines as there is in Australia. Australia was founded by ruggedly independent pioneering types, and in our culture we respect (and expect!) self-reliance. Not so in the Philippines. There is a particular duty toward older relatives, particularly parents, and there is an obligation to help with education costs of younger siblings.

And you need to be reasonable and realistic. There is no automatic pension for oldies or “dole” for unemployed people. If your inlaws live in a leaky shack, and if they can’t afford medicine when they get sick, you can’t expect your wife to simply do nothing. However, the less-palatable aspect of the supporting-families tradition is when you get the family lazy-lump! Every Filipino family seems to have at least one, eg. a 31 year old son who doesn’t work, but needs feeding and needs money for alcohol and cigarettes! Are you happy to keep doing this, even when it shouldn’t be necessary?

And there’s also a tradition known as “balato”, where the family feel entitled to share in the good fortune of one of them. Family members may consider your wife/fiancée to have “struck it rich” when they met you, and they may sit back and wait for their share. I’ve known numerous Aussies and other westerners who have wondered why nieces/nephews/siblings have shown no interest in their offer to put them through college. It’s because they’ve thought “Why should I study and work when we’re now all rich?” They’ve made the assumption you’ll be carrying them through life from now on! Again, are you happy to keep doing this??



  • Set a good precedent right from the start.
  • Don’t expect elderly parents to wallow in dire poverty, and realise that lack of money can equal hunger, lack of the basics, and even death! Realise that kids need educating. Realise that people get sick and that typhoons damage houses.
  • But make the true situation clear, especially if you are on a low income and/or are facing imminent retirement.
  • And DON’T wave money around like there’s no tomorrow. Show fiscal restraint from your first meeting.
  • And make it clear what you feel about who should be supported and who shouldn’t.
  • Be prepared for her not liking what she hears! But honestly? If her family living in luxury matters more to her than you and your future family with her? And if she breaks up with you over this? What have you actually lost? A major headache and years of misery! That’s what! Let her go and move on!
  • And if you’ve left it a bit long and are now regretting it? You can only do your best to try to repair the damage already done and to make the reality of the situation clear to all concerned.



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Grace and Michael – Happy Down Under Visa clients

Michael and Grace

Michael and Grace

Hi Guys,

We just want to say thank you so much for helping us with our visa 309 to Australia. We were so excited to receive the email from Jeff on the 16th December 2014 informing us that our application was approved. We were hoping to be in Australia in time for Christmas 2014 however it was too close and we still needed to do things before leaving the Philippines and travelling to our new home in Australia. Apart from that it was peak tourist season and the airfares were so expensive. So we decided to spend another Christmas in Manila and to see in another New Year. We eventually booked our tickets in January 2015 and departed for Australia on the 7th of February 2015 arriving on the Gold Coast on the 17th February via Melbourne after spending a week with my parents. Continue reading

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Bringing her straight back after the wedding. Possible?

“I want to come over to the Philippines and marry her, then I want to bring her straight back with me.”

I imagine I’ve written something on this topic before, but it needs to be covered again. I would say that Down Under Visa would get a couple of these requests every week. And I wish I could just say “Sure! We can do that!”, but I can’t say it because it’s not possible. In a fairer world? Yes. But that’s not the way the system works.


graduate42 Continue reading

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“Surely they……..?” Probably the worst question!

Surely you can’t be serious?

I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.




Remember that movie? They called it “Airplane!” in America, and “Flying High” in Australia. And I constantly think of that line whenever anyone says “Surely they…….??Continue reading

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