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Hold onto each other and don’t let go – Advice for couples.

I’m not sure if this is visa advice or relationship advice for Australian Filipina couples. I try to keep this BLOG for visa information, and the two FilipinaWives sites (filipinawives.wordpress.com and www.filipinawives.com.au) for the relationship advice. But for now this seems relevant, because a lot of you are apart at this time of year. There have been a lot of tourist visa grants during this week, and I would expect more right up until Christmas Eve like what happens every year.

What I want to warn you all against is letting stress, worry and distance get to you. Distance and absence can be a real relationship-killer, as can the uncertainty of a visa grant that appears more like a dream than reality. And the longer it takes, the more ethereal it appears. We at Down Under Visa are in the privileged position to see visas granted one after another, but to those of you who are waiting you’ve never seen a visa grant come through the email like we get to see every week.


Hoping australian filipina couples hold onto their relationships and don't withdraw sponsorship or cancel the visa Continue reading


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