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Visa Fee Increase – Partner Visas – 1 January 2015

It seems the Government found themselves a way to make up for budget shortfalls, and decided to milk a captive audience by cranking up the Visa Application Charges – Partner Visas (ie. prospective marriage visas aka fiancée visas, partner visas aka spouse visas) only, both onshore and offshore.


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Australian Visa Applications. Should you do it yourself?

I answered a question the other day on the Migration Help Forum (one of the more sensible migration advice forums, because amateur “experts” are not permitted to advise others) who wanted a Migration Agent to give his forms the once-over and tell him if it’s all OK. I explained that I never do this, because the forms are maybe just 10% of the application. I could easily see this man heading for disaster, because he insists on doing it all himself despite it being clearly beyond him.

We had three lawyers as clients last year, because they were smart enough to know they needed an expert. All visas granted too! They, like all our clients, realise that there’s too much to lose because the outcome matters to them.

So what do we do? Do we just fill in forms and tick the right boxes? Continue reading

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What does Down Under Visa do for our clients?

What does a migration agent do? What SHOULD a migration agent do?

I’m sure that 99%+ of our new clients for Australian Visas are fairly blank on this one. You know what the doctor does, and you know what the butcher and the newsagent do, because you deal with them all the time. Visas are generally a once-in-a-lifetime thing for most people who get them, and a never-in-a-lifetime thing for the majority of people.

So we get people contacting us asking if we can look over their pre-prepared visa application and visa requirements, or if we can fix up a problem that they’ve caused for themselves on an application they’ve lodged by themselves. Continue reading

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Down Under Visa – Key personnel and contact details

This is to all Down Under Visa clients, as well as prospective clients.

These are our key personnel whom you’ll be having dealings with, along with contact details and a list of what everyone does. This should help you to know where to direct your queries.

And be assured that we all check our email through the day everyday. You’ll never be ignored, nor will you have to wait too long.

Jeff Harvie can be contacted at downundervisa@gmail.com

Jeff is the Principal and the Registered Migration Agent of Down Under Visa. Jeff looks after: Continue reading

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Do you need a Migration Agent? Two successful Down Under Visa clients say YES!

Is it easy to get a Australian partner visa? Is it as simple as just filling out forms and ticking boxes?

Trevor and Marites (from Philippines) chose to use Down Under Visa as their Registered Migration Agent in 2010. We assessed them, provided them with their visa requirements, and we prepared and lodged their visa application. Four months after the visa application was lodged with the Australian Embassy in Manila, Marites received her Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa grant and was able to go to Australia to marry her fiance. Continue reading

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