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False documents in the Philippines – How it usually works

I think you’ve all read my few articles on the Down Under Visa BLOG Page about the risks in making false statements and submitting bogus documents (PIC 4020). Any logical person knows that this is fraud, and especially knows that Australian Government Departments take a dim view of this. Some countries have a fairly relaxed attitude and a certain “moral flexibility”, however Australia is not one of those countries. And the Immigration people are no exception.

One of the problems in the Philippines is that it is difficult for the average Aussie to get their head around bogus documents, because Aussies are not used to this. We’ve seen movies where forgers are men in long coats who hold their meetings in dark alleys. If your Filipina wife or fiancée did not have a meeting down by the waterfront in a dark alley, then the paperwork must be just fine! She got it from the Government office, so surely it must be the real deal! Continue reading

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