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Offshore Visas? Onshore Visas?

Australian Migration Law is complicated. There are a huge number of visa types, all with their own rules. Fortunately we at Down Under Visa stick to Partner Visas (fiancee visas and spouse visas), Tourist Visas and Family Visas. And we know them inside and out.

Partner Visas are broken up into ONSHORE and OFFSHORE visas.


OFFSHORE means you must be offshore (ie. OUTSIDE Australia) to apply for them. And you must also be offshore (outside of Australia) for the visa to be granted.

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Do you need a Migration Agent? Two successful Down Under Visa clients say YES!

Is it easy to get a Australian partner visa? Is it as simple as just filling out forms and ticking boxes?

Trevor and Marites (from Philippines) chose to use Down Under Visa as their Registered Migration Agent in 2010. We assessed them, provided them with their visa requirements, and we prepared and lodged their visa application. Four months after the visa application was lodged with the Australian Embassy in Manila, Marites received her Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa grant and was able to go to Australia to marry her fiance. Continue reading

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Five partner visa grants this week!

This has been a good week for us. Four x Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage (Fiancee) Visas, and 1 x Subclass 309 Partner Visa for a de facto couple. This is a good week, because we know how happy and relieved our clients are.

We know exactly how stressful the process is. We went through it ourselves years ago, and we’re glad its behind us now. It’s a hard process, and the total lack of feedback from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship makes it this way. No reflection on the Case Officers themselves. It’s just the way the system works. And it’s very hard on couples knowing that their future sites on a knife-edge.

Actually, the Australian sponsor of one of the ladies just emailed me this morning. He said they had started to resign themselves to the visa never being approved, and had planned that he would have to keep coming back and forth to Cebu (Philippines) for years to come. After getting the good news I’m sure they’re still in a daze of disbelief.

As I said, yes it’s been a very good week because five couples are now secure in their futures together. And that makes our job worthwhile!


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Visa grants – surprisingly quick!

Two new visa grants today. One Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage (fiancee) visa, and one Subclass 309 Temporary Partner (spouse) visa.

Both took less than 4 months! Not bad!


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