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Divorce In The Philippines – Part 3

A lot of people get divorced in the Philippines. Well, not quite. Let me clarify that statement. A lot of Filipinos get divorced, but not all of them do it in the Philippines. Many, like the rich and famous, ‘artistas’ or celebrities as we’d call them, fly to Guam and get divorced there. Those who end their marriage legally within the Philippines do it through their contacts in the Church and courts. It costs them a lot of money and or favours, but they get what they want.


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What does “free to marry” mean?

To apply for an Australian prospective marriage visa, both parties need to be “free to marry”, ie. you must both be legally able to marry each other.


Because there are laws in most countries, including Australia and Philippines, against bigamy! You cannot be married to two people at the same time. The penalty in the Philippines, I think, is 10 years hard labour! And yes, marriages from one country are recognises in another country. Don’t think you can sweep it under the carpet. Continue reading

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