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Making an appointment with Down Under Visa

Most people have never dealt with a Registered Migration Agent before, therefore most have no idea how we do things. Why would you? There aren’t even exciting TV shows about RMA’s.

I can see it now: Manila RMA…..Visa Squad…..


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Australian Visa Applications. Should you do it yourself?

I answered a question the other day on the Migration Help Forum (one of the more sensible migration advice forums, because amateur “experts” are not permitted to advise others) who wanted a Migration Agent to give his forms the once-over and tell him if it’s all OK. I explained that I never do this, because the forms are maybe just 10% of the application. I could easily see this man heading for disaster, because he insists on doing it all himself despite it being clearly beyond him.

We had three lawyers as clients last year, because they were smart enough to know they needed an expert. All visas granted too! They, like all our clients, realise that there’s too much to lose because the outcome matters to them.

So what do we do? Do we just fill in forms and tick the right boxes? Continue reading

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