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Do “unregistered migration agents” exist?

“Unregistered migration agent”

This is a term that’s been getting around in the media lately as they’ve caught a few dodgy characters breaking the law and giving unqualified migration advice. In Australia this is against the law, and rightly so.


Registered Migration Agents (RMA’s) in Australia have to go through a fairly exhausting process to ensure that only suitable people are able to legally advise you and represent you. To be registered, an RMA needs: Continue reading

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How Down Under Visa works      

How do we work? Very hard, I can assure you of that!

Seriously, it’s important to understand how Registered Migration Agents manage your application, or at least how we manage applications. This can help you not to waste time by going down the wrong track.

When you go to the doctor, you know how it works. Same as when you call the mechanic. But most people go through their entire lives having no dealings with migration agents. And many people don’t even know that the migration agent profession exists, given that it’s still only a few decades old. Continue reading

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Why is it hard to get a visa to Australia?

It can come as quite a shock to Australians when they first apply for an Australian Tourist Visa or Australian Partner Visa for their Filipina girlfriend (or fiancée or wife) when they realise it’s not just a formality. It’s so easy for Aussies to go to most countries. Most don’t require visas at all, and those that do? Usually just a few questions, and you get a sticker in the passport. Easy stuff. Philippines? You arrive and you can stay for 30 days. If you want to get the visa extended, it’s easy.

pulling-hair-out Continue reading


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Annulments and Divorces in Philippines

Whilst we at Down Under Visa wish that all our clients end up with happy marriages that go on forever, sometimes it doesn’t work out and they fail. So let’s clear up a few things.


First thing, before you do anything else, unless the permanent partner visa (Subclass 820 or Subclass 100) has been granted then you have a legal obligation to tell the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. You need to call up the 131 881 number or go into the nearest office and withdraw your sponsorship! If you don’t tell them, then you are breaking the law. Don’t think “Oh, but I don’t want to be responsible for her being deported.” It’s not your decision to make. Continue reading


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We got into the migration advice profession and founded Down Under Visa years ago, driven by a desire to help. I did, and still, consider this to be my vocation. My “calling” in life. I spent seven years as a single father raising two young sons by myself. Seven years, because I refused to just “settle”. I wanted the best marriage and the best family with the best woman. And when I decided to find a wife and the Philippines and met Mila I had just that……and still do. And now we help others to find the same level of happiness, contentment and functionality in their marriages and their family lives. Continue reading

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