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The advantages of a Prospective Marriage Visa to Australia


For Down Under Visa, this is by far the most popular visa. It’s also known as the fiancée visa, fiance visa, or the PMV. Technically, it’s a Subclass 300.




Why so popular?

It’s popular because it’s probably the more convenient, and causes the least stress. It gives the applicants 9 months to get a whole lot of important things done, and that’s not bad at all. When the visa is granted, you have nine months in which to marry. Continue reading

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Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa

If you want to bring your Filipina lady to Australia permanently, then basically you have a choice between these two visas.

Australian Prospective Marriage Visa

This is also called a Fiancee Visa, or sometimes called a Prospective Spouse Visa, or a PMV. In the Migration Regulations it’s a Subclass 300. Fiancee Visa is a fair term, because that’s what it is. It’s a visa that allows you to bring your fiancee to Australia, where you must marry her within 9 months and then apply for an onshore Partner Visa (Subclass 820). Applying for the Subclass 820 later is a fairly simple process.

Australian Partner Visa

This is also called a Spouse Visa, or sometimes called a Spousal Visa or even a Marriage Visa. If the couple are in a de facto relationship, it could be called a De Facto Visa. In the Migration Regulations it’s a Subclass 309. Continue reading

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Australian Fiancee Visas (Prospective Marriage Visas) lodged in Philippines   

It’s also been a while since Down Under Visa did a BLOG post on Prospective Marriage Visas (aka Fiancee Visas, Fiance Visas or PMV’s). We’re getting back to basics, as many of our readers may be new.

To apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa you must be engaged to be married to an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen.


A Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary visa that is valid for nine months from the date of the visa grant. If an Australian Prospective Marriage Visa is granted, the applicant must enter Australia and marry the sponsor, ie the Australian spouse-to-be within that nine month period. You can then apply for an onshore Partner Visa when you are in Australia and married so the applicant can stay. Continue reading

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The Down Under Visa survey – Thank you!

Thank you to all the survey-fillers. We at Down Under Visa thank you for your time and thank you for your honesty.

If anybody else feels like adding their bit to the survey, it’s still up there HERE.

As a result of the survey, we will be making more of an effort to encourage:

  • Tourist visas for family members

If you wish to bring a family member to Australia after you arrive, please ask! We’ve had a large number of ladies over the years who have wanted their mum, or older sister, or auntie to be with them when they give birth, and to provide some support in the few months after. And no doubt you have a few people that you just plain miss, and would like to spend some time with them in your new home. Let us know?

  • Assistance with the Subclass 820/801 Partner Visa (Temporary) for Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV) holders
  • Assistance with Subclass 801 and Subclass 100 Partner Visa (Permanent) for those who entered Australia with PMV’s and Subclass 309 Partner Visas (offshore)

I suppose we’ve never “pushed” anyone for help with these stages, because to us they don’t seem so hard. And by comparison with the initial visa application, not they are not. However they also don’t seem so hard to us because we know what we’re doing! This is our area! It’s not expensive to get help with these, and it gives you some peace of mind. So again, feel free to ask!

  • Assistance with Subclass 445 Dependent Child Visas and Subclass 101 Child Visas

Many of you have elected to bring the kids on later visa applications. The ideal time to apply is straight after a temporary visa is granted.

– For Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa applicants, this is after you’re granted the Subclass 820 Partner (temporary) visa

– For Subclass 309 Partner Visa applicants, it’s as soon as you’ve been granted the Subclass 309 application

Why? Because at this stage you can apply for a Subclass 445 Dependent Child Visa. It’s an easier process than a Subclass 101 Child Visa (which you can only apply for after your Permanent Partner Visa is granted. And you can then add the child to your PERMANENT Partner Visa application when it comes up, and this is an easy process.

As with all visas, as you know, it’s so much easier when you have expert help!




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