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A long hard wait for a partner visa?

To Down Under Visa clients, both recent visa applicants and especially those who’ve been waiting a long time for their visas.

We understand completely how stressful and worrying the visa application process is. The very fact that you are applying for a visa which COULD be refused, if you didn’t worry then it would be a sign that you didn’t care about the outcome. Continue reading


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Do “unregistered migration agents” exist?

“Unregistered migration agent”

This is a term that’s been getting around in the media lately as they’ve caught a few dodgy characters breaking the law and giving unqualified migration advice. In Australia this is against the law, and rightly so.


Registered Migration Agents (RMA’s) in Australia have to go through a fairly exhausting process to ensure that only suitable people are able to legally advise you and represent you. To be registered, an RMA needs: Continue reading

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Change in lodgement details for Australian visa applications

Just informing clients of a few changes with the lodgement of visa applications in Manila.

You all probably read my post the other day about changes pending this week. We will now be lodging applications at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Makati. Note that AVAC are a “service partner” for the Australian Embassy. Years ago the Australian Embassy in Manila would have a line of applicants going around the block. Things have changed considerably since then, as they don’t deal directly with applicants these days. You can’t call in and ask questions, and you can’t lodge your application there. They use intermediaries to handle the receipt of applications, and the new provider is AVAC.

And note that this is ALL that they do. They don’t advise about visa applications, and they don’t process them either. This is a drop-off center only. Continue reading

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Safety in the Philippines – Stay safe and out of trouble

map of philippines

I just had a client ask me if it was safe to drink the tap water in the Philippines, and it reminded me how not every first-time visitor from Australia is as prepared as they should be. And we don’t want to lose any clients or we won’t get paid!

The Philippines is a Third-World country. Parts of it are very developed and sophisticated, whilst just down the road you’ll find people sleeping in the streets making a living by begging. It’s not like Australia. Try to mentally-prepare yourself for something quite different if you’ve never been before.  Continue reading

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Back to the office for Down Under Visa

The worst of the weather appears to be over in Manila. It’s still raining, but the roads are mostly all open again. So Down Under Visa are back in the office in Alabang and can start checking your documents again. And as long as nothing goes wrong in the meantime, we’ll be lodging nine visa applications today. And hopefully we’ll be lodging more again tomorrow.

So until the next flood, it’s business as usual!

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