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Australian Visa Applications! (a) We tolerate no mistakes! (b) AND the issue of FRAUD!

Australian visa applications are serious business! At Down Under Visa we’re not just filling out routine paperwork. Your future and the future of your nearest and dearest hangs in the balance, and we know this very well. We may very well manage hundreds and hundreds of visa applications, but each one is like our baby. It matters! So we don’t treat mistakes lightly!

More often than not, mistakes happen through misunderstandings. You ask a question, and I answer. Hopefully you get it, but maybe you don’t quite. Over the phone it’s even worse. This is the reason why we insist on issues concerning your case be in writing, ie. by email! We receive the question, and we have time to consider it. And you have time to digest the answer. And we all have records we can check back on. Continue reading

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