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Making rash decisions when choosing a Filipina wife!

Wise men say “only fools rush in”!

Thus spake that wise philosopher Elvis Presley (*cough*)


Actually, I will happily confess that when I proposed marriage to my wonderful Filipina wife Mila, I spoke Mr Presley’s words to her. And note that this was over the phone, and at this stage we hadn’t even met in person. Careless of me? In this case, no definitely not. We met via writing letters, and I knew after about the second letter that she was the right one for me. And everything that happened after that only confirmed that. Continue reading


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Traps for new players

There are a couple of serious issues which confront our unsuspecting clients all the time. The majority of our clients are Australian men who have fallen in love with Filipina ladies, and want to get visas for them to migrate to Australia.

As you would have gathered by now, Jeff Harvie’s Down Under Visa are Australian Registered Migration Agents specializing in spouse visas (partner visas) and fiancee visas (prospective marriage visas) for Filipino girls (wives and fiancees of Aussie men) to bring them to Australia.

Two problems often come up! Continue reading


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