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More cultural differences between Aussies and Filipinos

I won’t make a habit of this, but I’m not in a visa-information mood today. It’s Friday. Wedding anniversary tomorrow, so off to treat my wife and best friend (same person) to a nice weekend in a nice hotel in Tagaytay. So another light-hearted article on cultural differences between Australians and Filipinos.

And for those who think I’m laughing at Filipinos? Please don’t think like that. I’m laughing at the way all of us humans have different ways of doing things. The way Filipinos do some things appear funny to an Australian, as no doubt we Aussies do funny things too. If anyone wants to write me a good article on funny western things, I’ll happily post it up. Continue reading


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Bar Girls in the Philippines and visas


Meet your Filipina lady in a bar? Maybe in Angeles City or Olongapo? Or one of the bars in Ermita, or P. Burgos St in Makati or elsewhere? And she was a bar girl or GRO (Guest Relations Officer)?

Groom suddenly realising his new wife is a prostitute.


Is this going to be a problem with the Australian Embassy and the Department of Immigration (DIBP)? Can you still apply for an Australian Partner Visa or Tourist Visa for her?

And will Down Under Visa turn up their noses at you? Continue reading


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Divorce In The Philippines – Part 2

So, how much does it cost to end a marriage in the Philippines? The simple answer is… a lot. At least by Filipino standards. It is so much that it is beyond the financial reach of most Filipino couples. There are a lot of people co-habiting in what we would refer to as a ‘De-Facto’, or ‘Common-Law’ relationship. This is often by mutual agreement between the parties, simply because they cannot afford the cost of getting a more legal arrangement put in place.

judge Continue reading


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Visas for relatives in the Philippines

We get a lot of requests from our existing clients and our former clients about getting visas for brothers, sisters, cousins, etc in the Philippines.

Of course we understand this. Family is everything in the Philippines, and most Filipinos would move mountains to make life better for their family members. Your Filipino spouse would love the opportunity to help a relative to move to Australia if they could.

One of the problems is that a precedent has been set! I don’t know the ins and outs or US immigration, but it is possible for Filipinos in America to “petition” to have their relatives migrate. I gather it’s a slow process, but it can and does happen. And many assume that Australia is the same.

It’s not! Continue reading

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Australian Partner Visas for Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino Workers, also known as “OFW’s”.

It’s been said that there are many countries that would practically grind to a halt if their Filipino workers all went home. Countries like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, or even Singapore, you cannot go anywhere without seeing Filipinos working. And countries like Hong Kong largely depend on a huge workforce of Filipinas working in their households and raising their children. You will find Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan. Continue reading

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