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Relationship Reality Check (by Perry Gamsby)

Happiness is when expectations match reality…


There is a myth that exists that Filipinas are loyal, loving and will serve their husbands faithfully, treating him like a king. Like all myths, there is a foundation of truth within the hyperbole. The reality, though, is that the Filipino woman, the Filipina, is no different overall than any other female of the human species. Continue reading


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Bar Girls in the Philippines and visas


Meet your Filipina lady in a bar? Maybe in Angeles City or Olongapo? Or one of the bars in Ermita, or P. Burgos St in Makati or elsewhere? And she was a bar girl or GRO (Guest Relations Officer)?

Groom suddenly realising his new wife is a prostitute.


Is this going to be a problem with the Australian Embassy and the Department of Immigration (DIBP)? Can you still apply for an Australian Partner Visa or Tourist Visa for her?

And will Down Under Visa turn up their noses at you? Continue reading


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Australian Partner Visas for Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino Workers, also known as “OFW’s”.

It’s been said that there are many countries that would practically grind to a halt if their Filipino workers all went home. Countries like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, or even Singapore, you cannot go anywhere without seeing Filipinos working. And countries like Hong Kong largely depend on a huge workforce of Filipinas working in their households and raising their children. You will find Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan. Continue reading

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Choosing a Migration Agent

I generally don’t get into this sort of thing, but I do get annoyed when I see clients getting stung when they trust the wrong “agent”. This is as a much a vocation to us as it is a job. Take note that we have www.filipinawives.com.au as a free advice site on relationships. We like to see nice people develop great relationships, and go on to lead happy lives together. People stuffing them about, this can destroy their hopes and dreams through negligence.

With this in mind, here’s a few things to think about:

  • First and foremost, is the agent REGISTERED with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) ie. www.mara.gov.au ? If not, you have no protection and no comeback. You have no assurance that this person or their staff act according to a Code of Conduct. You don’t know if they are up to date with changes in the Law. You don’t know if they know what they are doing. And if something goes wrong, you’re on your own. And they can have as many refused applications as they like without anybody asking them to explain themselves. Continue reading


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I don’t know how many of you have visited the FilipinaWives site before. If you are involved romantically with a Filipina, then we suggest that you do. This is my “advice site”, where I’ve shared as much of my experience with Filipino culture and relationships between Australian men and ladies from the Philippines as I could.

Knowledge is power. The more you understand Filipino culture, the more you will understand how your Filipina sweetheart thinks and feels about things. So the more you understand, the closer you will be and the better your relationship will be.

I’ve just added an additional four topics to the Cultural Problems, Misunderstandings & Couple Problems page. Please have a look, and please enjoy!

And remember that when you wish to bring your Filipina sweetheart to Australia, please visit Down Under Visa for Partner (Spouse) visas and Prospective Marriage (fiancee) visas to Australia.

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