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To our gentlemen sponsors


I did a post once dedicated to the strong and resilient ladies that make up Filipina womanhood! Anytime we get one of our Aussie men sponsors underestimating the capabilities of his lady, I would refer him to read that BLOG post. Here it is again HERE


les patterson

Average Aussie sponsor? Definitely not!

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Australian Partner Visas. Should you include the kids?

Many Australian men get into relationships with Filipina ladies who are single mums. I married a single mum myself, and did so happily. I never had a problem with accepting and loving a child as my own, just because I wasn’t the original father. Being a dad is more a matter of heart and principle than it is of biology. And for yourselves, the addition of a child makes an instant family. More love all round.

With Australian Partner Visas and Prospective Marriage Visas, there is an option to include dependent children in the same application. They are known as “secondary applicants”, and adding them is generally fairly easy. They get the same visa as their mum at the same time. Continue reading


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Down Under Visa – Key personnel and contact details

This is to all Down Under Visa clients, as well as prospective clients.

These are our key personnel whom you’ll be having dealings with, along with contact details and a list of what everyone does. This should help you to know where to direct your queries.

And be assured that we all check our email through the day everyday. You’ll never be ignored, nor will you have to wait too long.

Jeff Harvie can be contacted at downundervisa@gmail.com

Jeff is the Principal and the Registered Migration Agent of Down Under Visa. Jeff looks after: Continue reading

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