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Visas for relatives in the Philippines

We get a lot of requests from our existing clients and our former clients about getting visas for brothers, sisters, cousins, etc in the Philippines.

Of course we understand this. Family is everything in the Philippines, and most Filipinos would move mountains to make life better for their family members. Your Filipino spouse would love the opportunity to help a relative to move to Australia if they could.

One of the problems is that a precedent has been set! I don’t know the ins and outs or US immigration, but it is possible for Filipinos in America to “petition” to have their relatives migrate. I gather it’s a slow process, but it can and does happen. And many assume that Australia is the same.

It’s not! Continue reading

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Identity fraud and fake documents, and how they can ruin your life!

Considering bending the truth in your Australian visa application? Leaving a few things out? Changing a few facts to look better? Strongly suggest that you don’t!

Partner visas, family visas and even tourist visas must meet something known as Public Interest Criteria 4020 (PIC 4020). This is a “standard” that must be met, or otherwise they will refuse the application. I’ve explained all of this in detail in the following posts:



Seriously bad outcomes, which we really want you to avoid!  Continue reading

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