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Down Under Visa’s valuable resource


Twice yesterday I had clients contacting me telling me about some difficulties their lady was having.




A common occurrence we find at Down Under Visa is that the lady applicants for Australian visas are too shy to contact us. So when they’re not sure about something, they instead email the Australian sponsor. Being good men (as all Australian men are…..we all know that!) they try their best to help. And when they can’t, they email me or they email Jeremy about it. And sometimes this can go back and forth, and yes sometimes this can lead to frustration. Continue reading


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Don’t try to avoid a partner visa!

I put up a post recently about why it’s a waste of time trying to get 12 month tourist visas. That was the second one I’d put up in the last 6 months. The last one went up only two weeks ago.

Yet lately I get a flood of enquiries asking about 12 month tourist visas! I would say almost every day I get someone asking about one, especially those who are in long-term relationships. And we’re fairly sure we know why!


money versus wife Continue reading


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Partner Visa Price Increase 1 Jan 2015 – Backlash?

I’m sure most of our clients know all too well about the revenue-raising increase in the cost of partner visa applications that happened 1 January 2015. Offshore applications, which are 99% of our applications, have gone up from $3,085.00 to $4,630.00, and fees for kids have also risen.

Much as I wish it wasn’t the case, the Government were correct in knowing they had a captive audience. No one is going to give up on their true love. I don’t believe any Filipino/Filipino spouse or fiancee has been dumped because of this. They know that you will find a way, and the Government coffers will increase as a result.


Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey doing what they love best Continue reading


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Making an appointment with Down Under Visa

Most people have never dealt with a Registered Migration Agent before, therefore most have no idea how we do things. Why would you? There aren’t even exciting TV shows about RMA’s.

I can see it now: Manila RMA…..Visa Squad…..


CSI-Miami-5 (1) Continue reading

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New Facebook group – Philippines To Australia

We’ve started a “group” on Facebook. Considerably less formal than the old-style internet forums, and in that familiar Facebook style that most people are used to these days. Join our new discussion group about Filipinos migrating to and living in Australia


It’s called “Philippines To Australia”, and is about just that! Some visa stuff. Some relationship stuff. Some Life In Philippines stuff. News and other topical things. And being Facebook, you’re free to post up your own articles, videos or opinions. Continue reading


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