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Divorce in the Philippines – Part 4

As we said at the beginning of this series of articles on ending marriage in the Philippines, the usual way most people go about it is to either obtain a Declaration of Absolute Nullity (because the marriage was void from the beginning and thus never happened in the eyes of the law) or they obtain an Annulment of Marriage. So, what are the grounds on which either outcome can be achieved?

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Divorce In The Philippines – Part 1 (by Perry Gamsby)

It might be a bit like jinxing the relationship you are about to enter into by talking about the ending of a marriage, but the reality for many foreigners who find their soul-mate in the Philippines is that she could already be married to someone else. The common misconception is that there is no divorce in the Philippines. This is not technically correct. You can end a marriage, but it isn’t easy, quick or inexpensive.


What is Divorce?

Divorce is the ending of a legal marriage, so the first thing to consider is whether the marriage itself is legal. Many, believe it or not, aren’t, or rather they might not have completely complied with the relevant legislation that governs marriage in the Republic of the Philippines. This is The Family Code. The Family Code, Chapter 1, Article 1 defines marriage as: Continue reading


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