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Condition 8503 – No Further Stay

Condition 8503!

Practically every Subclass 600 Tourist Visa to Australia from Philippines will have this condition on it. If you don’t believe me, look at your visa grant letter. In the days of visa stickers (and when the visa was called a Subclass 676 Tourist Visa), it would be displayed on the sticker itself. Nowadays with visa grant letters, you will see:

8101 – NO WORK

The last item is what we’re talking about. 8503 – NO FURTHER STAY

What this means is that the applicant cannot apply for another visa while she’s in Australia. If she wants another visa, she must leave the country first. Continue reading

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How much is yours or your loved-one’s visa worth?

I just had a prospective client contact me a few days ago. His wife is in Australia on a subclass 676 tourist visa (visitor visa), and it has a Condition 8503 on it. This Condition means “no further stay”, and is commonly applied to visa grants from Third World countries whom the Department consider a flight risk. The applicant may not make another visa application whilst in Australia. No visa extensions. No nothing! She must leave the country before it expires.

Now, the problem is she’s pregnant and is having some health problems. Her doctors don’t want her to travel. And her visa expires late Feb 2012! She needs to leave, but she can’t fly. What can she do? Continue reading

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