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Should you ARGUE with Down Under Visa?

Not sure how many of you have seen the latest of our testimonial videos? If not, please have a look HERE




Always great to see another happy client. De facto partner visa applications are a bit more complicated than the standard “spouse visa” partner visas, with all the more reason why you should be seeking professional help. Continue reading

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Citizenship By Descent applications


There is a problem in living in a society with a free flow of information. The answer is that some of that information is not true, or doesn’t apply to Australian situations.

I was a school kid in the early 70’s. No internet, obviously. Yet what did most kids grow up watching? Sesame Street! Entertaining, yes. Loved the Martians! But how did kids learn to say the last letter of the alphabet? Zeeeeeeee! I can remember arguing with my fellow 8 year olds that it was pronounced ZED! Yes, I was even bossy back then! Continue reading

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Take care of your Filipina wife! Get her an Australian Partner Visa!

Here at Down Under Visa we are in contact with a lot of men who, like me, live here in the Philippines with their Filipina wives. They are often asking about tourist visas, because they have no intention of going back to Australia. Life is good for them, and not a care in the world. And we get others who are planning to settle in Philippines, and are more interested in permanent resident visas for themselves.

Tourist visas are not a viable long-term option. You can’t apply for a long term permit that will allow her to take an annual holiday to Australia with you. Tourist visas are one-off’s. You may get one this year and the next, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get one each and every time. Continue reading

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