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The wrong reason for an onshore partner visa application

Down Under Visa do not tolerate bogus documents or false statements. Many of our clients know all too well how we react when such things are suggested. Despite that fact threatens the integrity of the system we work in as well as the integrity of the visa application we would manage and lodge, nothing is worth us risking our registration as Registered Migration Agents with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). False statements and fake documents can also be considered fraud and are open to criminal prosecution.


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Mistakes in your visa application documents? The wrong way!

At Down Under Visa we take mistakes in documents very seriously. We have to! Our job is to manage your Australian visa application, and to see you get a visa grant and be on your way to Australia. Mistakes in documents can lead to serious delays, or worse! If the Case Officer in the Australian Embassy in Manila considers you have made false statements or submitted bogus documents (fake documents) then your visa application may be refused! You may also face a 3 year ban, or even a 10 year ban if they cannot establish your identity.



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