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To our gentlemen sponsors


I did a post once dedicated to the strong and resilient ladies that make up Filipina womanhood! Anytime we get one of our Aussie men sponsors underestimating the capabilities of his lady, I would refer him to read that BLOG post. Here it is again HERE


les patterson

Average Aussie sponsor? Definitely not!

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We got into the migration advice profession and founded Down Under Visa years ago, driven by a desire to help. I did, and still, consider this to be my vocation. My “calling” in life. I spent seven years as a single father raising two young sons by myself. Seven years, because I refused to just “settle”. I wanted the best marriage and the best family with the best woman. And when I decided to find a wife and the Philippines and met Mila I had just that……and still do. And now we help others to find the same level of happiness, contentment and functionality in their marriages and their family lives. Continue reading

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