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Why do you need help with an Australian visa?

In Australia we’re used to filling out Government forms ourselves. Many do their own tax returns. Fill in the boxes. Anyone with half a brain can do it, surely? We apply for loans. We renew licenses. We use the you-beaut free divorce-kit when our marriages collapse. Easy stuff.

Well, welcome to the parallel universe that is Migration! The place where nothing is as it seems, and intelligent, capable men crash and burn! A place where stress exists like nowhere else, and where your entire future rests on the outcome. A place where the decision is final, and the Australian Embassy doors slam shut, leaving nothing but a MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) appeal if your visa application is refused.  And probably worst is that you are pretty much kept in the dark for 9 months or more.


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Divorce in the Philippines – Part 4

As we said at the beginning of this series of articles on ending marriage in the Philippines, the usual way most people go about it is to either obtain a Declaration of Absolute Nullity (because the marriage was void from the beginning and thus never happened in the eyes of the law) or they obtain an Annulment of Marriage. So, what are the grounds on which either outcome can be achieved?

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