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Divorce In The Philippines – Part 2

So, how much does it cost to end a marriage in the Philippines? The simple answer is… a lot. At least by Filipino standards. It is so much that it is beyond the financial reach of most Filipino couples. There are a lot of people co-habiting in what we would refer to as a ‘De-Facto’, or ‘Common-Law’ relationship. This is often by mutual agreement between the parties, simply because they cannot afford the cost of getting a more legal arrangement put in place.

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Annulments and Divorces in Philippines

Whilst we at Down Under Visa wish that all our clients end up with happy marriages that go on forever, sometimes it doesn’t work out and they fail. So let’s clear up a few things.


First thing, before you do anything else, unless the permanent partner visa (Subclass 820 or Subclass 100) has been granted then you have a legal obligation to tell the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. You need to call up the 131 881 number or go into the nearest office and withdraw your sponsorship! If you don’t tell them, then you are breaking the law. Don’t think “Oh, but I don’t want to be responsible for her being deported.” It’s not your decision to make. Continue reading


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What does “free to marry” mean?

To apply for an Australian prospective marriage visa, both parties need to be “free to marry”, ie. you must both be legally able to marry each other.


Because there are laws in most countries, including Australia and Philippines, against bigamy! You cannot be married to two people at the same time. The penalty in the Philippines, I think, is 10 years hard labour! And yes, marriages from one country are recognises in another country. Don’t think you can sweep it under the carpet. Continue reading

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Traps for new players

There are a couple of serious issues which confront our unsuspecting clients all the time. The majority of our clients are Australian men who have fallen in love with Filipina ladies, and want to get visas for them to migrate to Australia.

As you would have gathered by now, Jeff Harvie’s Down Under Visa are Australian Registered Migration Agents specializing in spouse visas (partner visas) and fiancee visas (prospective marriage visas) for Filipino girls (wives and fiancees of Aussie men) to bring them to Australia.

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