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Filling in visa application forms

“We’ve already filled in the forms.”

We at Down Under Visa sometimes hear this from clients, and I have a truthful way of responding. Not very diplomatic, I agree, but truthful all the same. I tell them I’ve never once seen a client complete the application forms for an Australian partner visa application properly.

And are the application forms (40SP and 47SP) the main part of the application? No, not at all. I would say about 5% only. Gathering the correct information and gathering correct supporting documents and solid evidence of your committed relationship, this is where most of the work is done. And this part of the process doesn’t come with written directions that you can download, nor can you get anything of value from the “advice forums” on the web.

And I’ve also never once seen a client come in to the Down Under Visa office with a complete set of documents and relationship evidence either! Continue reading

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