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Slow visa application processing

Good morning to Down Under Visa clients

At the moment our tourist visa applications are taking a long time to process, and this is causing some stress amongst our clients.

I had somebody yesterday (and the same person about once a week) (a) reminding me that the application has taken nearly a month, (b) asking me if I had any news on it, and (c) reminding me that their previous application only took a few days. And we have plenty of other applicants in the same boat.


(a) All our tourist visa applications are taking longer than usual at the moment, and we are aware of this…….however there is not a single thing we can do.

Why is it happening? We don’t know!  Continue reading

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Filipina lady on a tourist visa. Problems at the airport?

Your Filipina lady (ie. your girlfriend, fiancée or wife) will be traveling to Australia on an Australia tourist visa (aka Australian Visitor Visa). Will she have any problems at the Philippines airport on departure?


The issue of human trafficking comes up in the Philippines. Unscrupulous low-lifes will prey on the vulnerable with promises of great jobs overseas doing modelling, singing, etc. Instead they end up stuck in countries where they don’t speak the language and locked up in brothels. To deal with this situation, the Bureau of Immigration here has brought in the following Guidelines: Continue reading


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New Australian Permanent Residents for early July 2014





Congratulations to the following Down Under Visa partner visa applicants, who (as of early July 2014) are now the proud owners of a right to live together in Australia! Continue reading

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Congratulations to new Australian Permanent Residents

Visa grants for May and first week of June 2014





Sarita and John – Subclass 309 – 11 months

Cerelyn and Michael – Subclass 300 – 9 months

Joy and Grant – Subclass 300 – 9 months

Lorena and Paul – Subclass 300 – 10 months

Kristine and Ivica – Subclass 300 – 6 months

Marjury and John – Subclass 300 – 12 months

Michelle and Roger – Subclass 300 – 9 months

Lyka and Nick – Subclass 309 – 10 months

Louie and Marie – Subclass 300 – 6 months

Sheryl and Karl – Subclass 300 – 9 months

Mae and Alan – Subclass 820 (for SC300 holders) – 5 days

Rovelyn and Roger – Subclass 300 – 5 months

Josephine and David – Subclass 309 – 6 months Continue reading

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Visa grants

We’ve just had two more partner visa grants today. Both Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa applications, actually.

One took 9 1/2 months. The second one took 10 months.

Long, hard wait. No question about it. And no feedback during that time from the Embassy. It’s tough, but that’s the way it works.

What matters? What matters is that the visa applications were granted! I’ve just sent the visa application notices through to the clients about five minutes ago, and the next time they all check their emails there will be an eruption of happiness the likes of which they would rarely have experienced before ever! This is life-changing stuff, and once again (actually twice again) the team at Down Under Visa pulled it off. Four peoples lives will change for the better, and we’ve had the privileged of being a part of it! Continue reading

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