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Relationship Reality Check (by Perry Gamsby)

Happiness is when expectations match reality…


There is a myth that exists that Filipinas are loyal, loving and will serve their husbands faithfully, treating him like a king. Like all myths, there is a foundation of truth within the hyperbole. The reality, though, is that the Filipino woman, the Filipina, is no different overall than any other female of the human species. Continue reading


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Divorce in the Philippines – Part 4

As we said at the beginning of this series of articles on ending marriage in the Philippines, the usual way most people go about it is to either obtain a Declaration of Absolute Nullity (because the marriage was void from the beginning and thus never happened in the eyes of the law) or they obtain an Annulment of Marriage. So, what are the grounds on which either outcome can be achieved?

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Divorce In The Philippines – Part 3

A lot of people get divorced in the Philippines. Well, not quite. Let me clarify that statement. A lot of Filipinos get divorced, but not all of them do it in the Philippines. Many, like the rich and famous, ‘artistas’ or celebrities as we’d call them, fly to Guam and get divorced there. Those who end their marriage legally within the Philippines do it through their contacts in the Church and courts. It costs them a lot of money and or favours, but they get what they want.


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Bar Girls in the Philippines and visas


Meet your Filipina lady in a bar? Maybe in Angeles City or Olongapo? Or one of the bars in Ermita, or P. Burgos St in Makati or elsewhere? And she was a bar girl or GRO (Guest Relations Officer)?

Groom suddenly realising his new wife is a prostitute.


Is this going to be a problem with the Australian Embassy and the Department of Immigration (DIBP)? Can you still apply for an Australian Partner Visa or Tourist Visa for her?

And will Down Under Visa turn up their noses at you? Continue reading


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Age Differences and Australian Visas

Does age matter? Can you get an Australian partner visa when you are 20, 30, or even 40 or more years older than your Filipina wife or Filipina fiancée?

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