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New Facebook group – Philippines To Australia

We’ve started a “group” on Facebook. Considerably less formal than the old-style internet forums, and in that familiar Facebook style that most people are used to these days. Join our new discussion group about Filipinos migrating to and living in Australia


It’s called “Philippines To Australia”, and is about just that! Some visa stuff. Some relationship stuff. Some Life In Philippines stuff. News and other topical things. And being Facebook, you’re free to post up your own articles, videos or opinions. Continue reading


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Relationship Reality Check (by Perry Gamsby)

Happiness is when expectations match reality…


There is a myth that exists that Filipinas are loyal, loving and will serve their husbands faithfully, treating him like a king. Like all myths, there is a foundation of truth within the hyperbole. The reality, though, is that the Filipino woman, the Filipina, is no different overall than any other female of the human species. Continue reading


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Typhoon Ruby leaving

Happy to say that Ruby is heading west and the weather is calming down. We never lost power or internet, and office is opening again tomorrow. Thanks everyone for their patience! Continue reading


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Typhoon update 8 December 2014

Typhoon Ruby (Cyclone Hagupit) is heading our way still.


ruby_14120800 Continue reading

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Typhoon Ruby

Dear Clients

Friday (5/12/2014) afternoon here.

Just letting you all know that Typhoon Ruby is on the way. Right now it’s all calm, but will get quite blowy over the weekend.

ruby_14120500 Continue reading


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