Defining “Argue” – A continuation of the last BLOG post

Strange how the word “argue” can make people want to argue? Looking at it, it has the same effect on me! “What? I’m not arguing! Who says I’m arguing??”

In hindsight, probably should have used a less confrontational word in a title (despite the fact it grabs attention).




Do we at Down Under Visa make mistakes? Do we get things wrong? Of course we do. We’re human. We set a very high standard. We have staff who do nothing but check documents when they come in for errors, ie. one staff member checks, then the second one checks what he just checked. They know we have a 0% tolerance level of mistakes, and they’ve all seen my scary side when anything has ever got past them.

However, yes we can still make mistakes, and I have no problem with copping it on the chin if we do. And if you disagree with something we’ve told you, then please feel completely free to tell us and to tell us why.

What I have a problem with is people getting angry with us when we tell them their documents are not sufficient or have mistakes. We have clients who have had applications refused for insufficient evidence, ie. where they haven’t put their case strongly enough to justify the grant of a visa. They come to use to get us to apply again for them, they give US insufficient evidence, then they get mad at us when we tell them it’s not enough! “What do you mean? Surely that’s enough? Why did you say this is insufficient? This is taking too long……”

To me? That makes no sense at all! If you had tried and failed, then clearly you don’t know how to do it and you need help. Why get annoyed with us over it?

Most of our clients…..especially those “gentleman” clients that I mentioned in the earlier BLOG article…..send me emails starting with the classic “Sorry to bother you”, and then politely ask for further explanations. I respond by telling them not to apologise, because helping them is our job. I have NO problem with questions. Polite questions? They make me even more willing and happy to answer them, and I will do so. We really do want you to understand.

Just don’t get mad at us when we tell you that you are wrong. We have a wealth of experience, and we could practically do this in our sleep. Please benefit from our experience and let us get you that visa. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?




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