Justin and Evelyn (Ivy) – Happy Down Under Visa clients


After many months of planning and preparation, we just wanted to write to you from Down Under!

Ivy and I couldn’t have done it without all of your help and kindness. You’ve been nothing but patient and professional the entire time, and Ivy and I both agree that you are worth every cent! And more!


justin and ivy


We would’ve been hopelessly confused and lost without your wonderful team, and you even gave us a rundown of the process and the possibilities without asking for so much as a cent, as many others have said before us, Jeff and his family truly do run as a family unit, and it really shows in their process. They’re certainly more involved and caring than a few “other” companies we asked prior to finding Jeff, who didn’t want to even so much as talk with us until we forked over $200!

To be perfectly honest, Ivy is a natural worrier, and I’m hopeless when it comes to forms, so to have somebody that Ivy could ask all her questions, and somebody to double/triple/quadruple check everything I did gave us the peace of mind that things would go smoothly.

Ivy and I had a couple of hiccups with our previous visa application. We told Jeff the truth, as he pointed out, he can work out anything so long as we’re totally honest. Feeling like we don’t have to hide any previous mistakes made us feel at ease, and he made us feel like people and not reference numbers.

As if we didn’t make Jeff run around in enough circles already, Ivy’s passport got soaking wet in the seasonal horizontal rains in Manila, so we had to change the associated passport. Ivy and I were panicking at that point, since we weren’t sure if we could make it on time, but Jeff pulled through as always and everything went without hitch.

I don’t think words alone can express how happy we feel.

So to everybody out there, if you’re looking for a family that can help you with your family, you really can’t go any better than the folks at Down Under Visa.

Thank you once again Jeff, Jeremy and Mila! Thank you truly for all the time and effort you’ve put into us. For the questions you’ve answered, the files you’ve read, the endless pages and changes and corrections you’ve made for us, you’ve no doubt saved our application at least a dozen times over.


A big thanks and cheers all around.

Justin and Evelyn

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