Want a long-stay in Australia? Is a tourist visa the right choice?

I’m most definitely at that stage of BLOG-writing where I know I’m repeating a lot of the same things, but that’s OK. Not everyone is going to scroll through 265 or so posts in order to find something, so just as easy to write something new with possibly a new slant on it.

You met the lady. Maybe she just came to visit you in Australia on a 3 month tourist visa (aka “visitor visa”). She had to go back. And now you feel horribly lonely, and so does she. You miss each other like crazy. So you send Jeff Harvie at Down Under Visa an email. It says:

“Can I get a 1 year tourist visa for her?”


one year


I tell you to read this: https://downundervisa.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/1-year-tourist-visa-filipina/ , where it tells you that this won’t work.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection are very particular about visas fitting the purpose. Tourist visas are for people visiting and leaving. They arrive in Australia, visit family/friends/lovers, they take photos, they pat koalas, and they are amazed at how bridge-like the Sydney Harbour Bridge is. They then go back again after a few months.

They are NOT substitutes for Australian partner visas!

And if you want a tourist visa so she may stay with you for a long time, then you are trying to use a tourist visa instead of a partner visa. Full stop! They know that, and if you think about it then yes you know it too!


So why a tourist visa?

In many countries, the “tourist visa” is the basic, generic, when-in-doubt, one-size-fits-all you-beaut visa. It’s that way in Philippines. There are people who have been here for many years on tourist visas. There are people WORKING on tourist visas. They work, they get married, they buy things, and they make themselves comfortable homes all on tourist visas.

Australia? No, sorry. Doesn’t work like that. There is a visa for nearly every purpose. Working briefly, working temporarily, working permanently, investing, retiring, getting medical treatment, playing a concert, studying……you name it, and there’s a visa for it. And they don’t like you using the wrong one, hence why you can’t set up house together on a tourist visa!

To answer the above question as to why you think of it?

  • You think it’s easy (and it’s not),
  • You think it will fit your needs (and it won’t), and;
  • You may be not ready, or maybe you just have cold feet!


Australian men with “cold feet”

Cold feet is a common condition amongst menfolk the world over. The company and the cuddles are just great, but you’re scared of taking the plunge. Maybe you’re not ready, or maybe she really isn’t the right one, and maybe losing your freedom is something you’ll regret no matter who it is.

I can’t and won’t tell you if she’s the right one or if you should take that plunge now or not. Not my decision. And don’t forget it’s probably the biggest decision you’ll ever make. Make it wisely, please! We hate seeing bust-ups!

If she’s wrong? Move on! Clean break!

If you need more time, then take more time! But if you’ve known her for a year, and she’s been to Australia for 2 x 3 month stays? How much more time do you really need? And if she goes back and you’re climbing the walls, couldn’t this be a bit of a sign that you really don’t want to live without her?

If you want her to visit for 3 months? By all means ask us. We don’t get refusals often, and we will only say YES if we believe you have a strong chance. If you want a second visit? Again, ask us. But don’t expect a third visit within 12 months, and forget 12 month visas! Read the article above and you’ll see why.

And if you really can’t stand being apart, then please have a good think about it and tell me what you would like to do? You might surprise yourself!

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