Philippines to Australia Facebook Page

Hello to all who joined the Philippines to Australia Facebook Group!

I had a staff member send out a welcome messaage on my behalf. Unfortunately Facebook didn’t like it and thought someone was hacking my account, therefore the message was blocked because it considered it an unverified account.

The pic of me also disappeared, and was replaced with that strange blue thing with the blank face!

Rest assured nothing has gone wrong. Just Facebook being overly cautious. Live and learn!

Hope you all enjoy the group, which you can find here: 


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6 responses to “Philippines to Australia Facebook Page

  1. Antony

    the link doesnt work

  2. Can you do Australia visit visa for Nigeria ?

  3. geoffrey mallett

    Jeff how are you,
    this Facebook page doesn’t come up at all….

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hello Geoff.

      I should have mentioned the obvious! You need to be signed-in and logged-in to Facebook first. If you are, it’s easy. I suppose many of us are logged into Facebook all the time, so we don’t think about it (as I didn’t).

      So just sign up and make a Facebook page for yourselves, and you can log in easily.

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