New Facebook group – Philippines To Australia

We’ve started a “group” on Facebook. Considerably less formal than the old-style internet forums, and in that familiar Facebook style that most people are used to these days. Join our new discussion group about Filipinos migrating to and living in Australia


It’s called “Philippines To Australia”, and is about just that! Some visa stuff. Some relationship stuff. Some Life In Philippines stuff. News and other topical things. And being Facebook, you’re free to post up your own articles, videos or opinions.

When you open that Facebook page there will automatically be a prompt inviting you to join.

Would be good to get not just current clients to join, but some of our older clients who now make up a lot of the existing Australian-Filipina community in Australia and to get you involved.

Hope to see you there!


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2 responses to “New Facebook group – Philippines To Australia

  1. Joan Eli

    hi,,we will visit at your office at manila this coming march bf he will arrive at manila and march see u there thank you…

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