Happy 2015 from Down Under Visa

Belated Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at Down Under Visa.




I had someone the other day thinking we’d cut them off the Down Under Visa BLOG mailing list, because they hadn’t received anything since the 6th of January. No one’s been cut off. We’ve just been extremely busy since we came back, and the needs of clients always come first before anything else.

Welcome to new clients, and congratulations to all of you who have had visa grants lately. There have been quite a few of you, and some decisions quicker than we’ve been seeing for a while. We’ll update you on visa processing times at the end of February.

And welcome to the 1,000th “follower” who has signed up on the downundervisa.wordpress.com BLOG.


Visa Application Charge increases (1/01/2015)

Thank you all for your understanding about the increases in the Visa Application Charges which happened on the 1st of January. You’ve all been impressively philosophical about it.

On that subject, since that announcement in December (without actually notifying anybody), they’ve:

  • Rounded the fees up from $4,627.50 to $4,630.00
  • Increased the cost of children as secondary applicants on Subclass 300 and 309 visas (and 820 visas).


Children under 18:           $1,155.00

Children over 18:              $2,320.00


BLOG articles

I’ll be getting back into writing BLOG posts again very soon. There will also be articles on Philippines culture and on Australian Filipino marriages going up regularly. Some of these will be written by myself (Jeff Harvie), and others by renowned author and man with super-dry wit Perry Gamsby.

These will go up on the original FilipinaWives site. There is no way to actually sign-up to get notices, however if you’re signed up (ie. if you have “liked”) the Down Under Visa FACEBOOK page, you will get notifications of new articles as they’re published. Just go to https://www.facebook.com/downundervisa


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2 responses to “Happy 2015 from Down Under Visa

  1. Mike Trotter

    Unbelievable! First the Government raises the Visa fee, then later “round it off” thereby collecting an additional 30 bucks or so!
    And now…… they raise the child fees!!! And not only to be contented with just one child fee, they split in two! (Naturally, gives them MORE money!)
    The Government certainly knows how to “capture” an easy prey!!!
    Where will it end?

    • It wasn’t that long ago when they didn’t charge for kids at all! If someone had 3 kids, they could just be added on. A secondary applicant (ie. included child) takes very little extra work. Pure revenue-raising, no question about it. This time they never even made a secret of it. They whacked on the fee increase to help top up the coffers because the budget wouldn’t go through the Senate.

      Note that don’t charge any extra for kids in our fees. Never have, and never will. I don’t like seeing anything that encourages couples to leave the kids behind. Even if there were many hours of extra work in it (which there isn’t), we would never do it.

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