Typhoon Ruby

Dear Clients

Friday (5/12/2014) afternoon here.

Just letting you all know that Typhoon Ruby is on the way. Right now it’s all calm, but will get quite blowy over the weekend.


There seem to be four different opinions where the typhoon’s path will be. They were initially saying it would be centered on Southern Samar, Northern Leyte and Northern Cebu. Now the seem to be predicting it will go through Southern Luzon. We’ll have to wait and see!


Typhoons in the Philippines

To those unfamiliar with typhoons here, understand that power loss and internet loss is all very normal. And it can take days for these things to come back, especially when you get away from the main cities.

So that means:

  • If your lady here can’t be contacted, it doesn’t mean she’s ignoring you. Be patient, and know that she has bigger things to be concerned about.
  • And if you don’t hear from Down Under Visa either, again please be patient. We will be back on deck as soon as we can.



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2 responses to “Typhoon Ruby

  1. Ricky Ray

    Hi jeff just a short message to say thinking about everyone there and hope you will all be safe.

    Rehards Imelda & Ricky

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