YOUR experience with the CFO (Commission for Filipinos Overseas)

We’ve just sent out requests for old and new Down Under Visa clients to participate in a simple survey this morning. And we’ve already had some good responses.

If you haven’t done it yet, please go HERE and complete it. It’s anonymous, and won’t take more than 5 minutes if that!


One of those surveyed made some strong comments about the experience of the CFO (Commission for Filipinos Overseas) which partner and prospective marriage visa holders must attend after their visa is granted. This is a requirement of Philippines Law, and not of Australian Law. Basically if you don’t have a certificate of attendance and a sticker in your passport from the CFO, you don’t get on the plane to Australia!

We have long avoided giving advice on what is needed by the CFO. Because we’re lazy and not interested? No, definitely not. It’s because we have no communication with them, and because what they require is inconsistent. One client will have to bring divorce documents, and the next won’t. One will have to bring letters from their parents giving permission for them to marry, and no one else will. This is all despite the CFO website supplying a very simple list of requirements on their website HERE. We can’t have you relying on us for information when we have nothing of value to give, especially when we can’t read their minds!

However we know very well that this can be a strain for clients. Not all. Most say it was no trouble at all, however we do empathize with those who get a tough time and therefore we’ve come up with something which should help.


We’ve made another simple survey, which is ONLY for older clients of Down Under Visa who have already attended the CFO seminar for partner visa holders.

We want YOUR experiences, and we will collate this information into something we can offer to clients so they can hopefully be prepared for anything that comes up.

For the benefit of future applicants and CFO attendees, please go HERE and complete the quick and anonymous survey.

Thank you!



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