Waiting on a visa? Watch your stress please.

Hello All. This is particularly for those waiting on tourist visa grants.

I think most of you would have read the post about the delay in tourist visas at this time of year? If not, please read HERE.

I truly dread this time of year. I wish I didn’t, but I know that there will always be clients who let their emotions get the better of them.

eye roll


We do not and cannot guarantee how long an application will take to process. We make this clear, plus logic should tell this anyway. When we are asked how long a visa takes to be processed, we can only give an average. An average is made up of all the extremes divided by the number. It’s not a fixed time. And this changes according to circumstances.

So we will not take blame, nor will we take accusations, when an application takes longer than expected. It’s outside of our power.

We had somebody complaining on Friday. Their tourist visa application had been lodged for two weeks. We had quoted an average of 2 – 4 weeks. Yet somehow I had done the wrong thing when i had posted the BLOG article warning of delays and warning anyone off expecting to lodge a NEW application for a tourist visa that it would be very unlikely to be granted before Christmas.

Guess what happened late yesterday? Their visa was granted anyway.

Reason for this post? Don’t let stress get the better of you! Yes, you miss each other. But please remain logical and don’t let baser emotions cause you to go on the attack. The Embassy appear to be doing the best that they can, including working late on Saturdays. And as for us? We are just trying to do our job, and from the results I think we do it all pretty well.


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One response to “Waiting on a visa? Watch your stress please.

  1. Steven Lisk

    Hi everybody
    Don’t stress instead prepare well for the arrival of you lady
    Our visa was just granted 3 weeks from lodgement day no stress no hassles no trouble at immigration
    Let the down under team do there job
    You do yours and supply the info they require . You will soon forget the delays
    Regards to all Steve

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