New Australian Permanent Residents for early July 2014





Congratulations to the following Down Under Visa partner visa applicants, who (as of early July 2014) are now the proud owners of a right to live together in Australia!


Marissa and Paul – Subclass 309 – 8 months
Carressa Mae and Regan – Subclass 309 – 10 months
Charissa and Bill – Subclass 309 – 10 months
Carol and Gary – Subclass 300 – 7 months
Jan and David – Subclass 300 – 11 months
Rochell and Aaron – Subclass 309 – 12 months
Marissa and Dan – Subclass 300 – 11 months


Well done all of you for following our guidance and helping us to put together successful applications. The waiting was hard and stressful, but well worth the wait. From this point on that waiting time will fade into memory as you get used to that nice feeling of waking up next to one another for many many years.

And Mila, Jeremy and myself as well as our administrative staff wish you all many happy years together. May you always appreciate and respect each other, and realise that there is nothing on this earth worth more than someone who loves you and cares about you.

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One response to “New Australian Permanent Residents for early July 2014

  1. Donald zander

    Congr8ts to all ,, many happiness ,

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