Filling in visa application forms

“We’ve already filled in the forms.”

We at Down Under Visa sometimes hear this from clients, and I have a truthful way of responding. Not very diplomatic, I agree, but truthful all the same. I tell them I’ve never once seen a client complete the application forms for an Australian partner visa application properly.

And are the application forms (40SP and 47SP) the main part of the application? No, not at all. I would say about 5% only. Gathering the correct information and gathering correct supporting documents and solid evidence of your committed relationship, this is where most of the work is done. And this part of the process doesn’t come with written directions that you can download, nor can you get anything of value from the “advice forums” on the web.

And I’ve also never once seen a client come in to the Down Under Visa office with a complete set of documents and relationship evidence either!

And there is no “standard list” of visa requirements. Every visa application is different, especially partner visa applications (ie. prospective marriage visas aka fiancee visas and partner visas aka spouse visas). We assess each client (ie each visa applicant and each Australian sponsor) through our proprietary online questionnaires before putting together customised checklists of documents and relationship evidence that we require from you. We also provide you with guidance along the way, and we assess and thoroughly check all documents and relationship evidence that you send us for suitability.

And the assessment of the information you give us is critical too. Filling out forms on the surface is easy. But put the wrong bit of information, or leave out an important bit of information which you thought didn’t matter, and you could get caught by PIC 4020 (part of the Migration Regulations that deals with false statements and bogus documents) and you could face a refusal and a three year ban from making further applications. And it’s not just the bad-guys who get caught in this. An innocent mistake can lead to tragic results.

And that is what you get when you engage the services of a professional and experienced Registered Migration Agent who is a specialist in partner visas from the Philippines. We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of couples through this process over the years, and we’ve built a reputation for never letting a client down. What this means to you is that you will not be flying blind through a process where the outcome really matters to you.

Please visit our website at and fill in the free visa assessment form!

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One response to “Filling in visa application forms

  1. Glyn Harrod

    To any one thinking they will go it alone, please don’t waste your time.
    Jennyzel and my self contacted an agent in my home city, after paying some fees it turned out they were only interested in applying for a student visa as that is their area of expertise and also they work closely with the local university. Then we thought how hard can it be so we applied for a tourist visa ourselves. DENIED was our reply, we missed so much info.

    After finding and contacting Down Under Visa we have had time in both countries together and have now had documents lodged on our behalf by Jeff and his team, for a prospective marriage visa. Fingers crossed and I am feel confident.

    Lesson in life , dealing with government is hard enough but dealing with two at the same time. Little things we would not notice on documents have been picked up by Jeff and his team and dealing with some people in government they say “she’ll be right” when in fact it’s wrong. Go with down under visa and get it right the first time.

    Jennyzel and Glyn

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